Dana Rebecca Designs
Dana Rebecca Designs
Consumer Retention
Dana Rebecca Designs joined forces with UN/COMMON in a strategic collaboration aimed at elevating their lead acquisition strategies and cultivating a dedicated customer base for heightened engagement and overall program growth. With the expansion of SMS, UN/COMMON specifically targeted Dana Rebecca Designs' most engaged and loyal customers, further enhancing their brand reach and impact.
%Increase in YoY Email Marketing Revenue
%Increase in YoY AOV
%Increase in Email Signups
Dana Rebecca Designs

List Growth

A critical pain point for UN/COMMON to support Dana Rebecca Designs on coming into the partnership was the ability to grow their email marketing list. Dana Rebecca Designs was only leveraging a footer to capture emails and as a brand that is value focused over discount focused, UN/COMMON had to get creative to grow the list without incentivizing through discounting. UN/COMMON launched a homepage pop up overlay on the Dana Rebecca Designs site and saw an astounding 60% increase in list sign up in the second half of the year compared to the first.
Dana Rebecca Designs
Dana Rebecca Designs

SMS Launch

Retention programs are grown in stages and after UN/COMMON executed a significant amount of optimization of the first stage of retention (email marketing) for Dana Rebecca Designs, next up was the launch and fine tuning of an SMS program. Not only were campaigns successfully launched on a weekly basis while growing the SMS list, UN/COMMON also built an SMS flow infrastructure to ensure communication with customers featuring the products they are interested in when they are most likely to engage and buy.
Dana Rebecca Designs
Dana Rebecca Designs

Flow Complexity

With a deeply complex and layered automatic email marketing flow system, UN/COMMON has continued to dig into analytics and improve performance for both pre purchase and post purchase flows in the Dana Rebecca retention program. From optimizing flow creative to testing content all the way to introducing new flows to ensure touchpoints throughout all parts of the customer journey, UN/COMMON has produced sales growth month over month throughout the entire partnership for all automated flows for Dana Rebecca Designs.
Our partnership with UN/COMMON has been great! They are on top of communication, clear pipeline of work they are doing and we love our account manager. We are the type of brand that likes to be involved in what is going on, poke holes and ask questions. Our team at UN/COMMON has great patience with us and educates us on how we can do better. They love to solve problems as much as we do
- Blair Peterson, VP of Strategy, Dana Rebecca Designs

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